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Friday, 8th July 2016

Whether you’re with friends , family or a lover Italy is always a good idea .Capri is a true Italian gem . It’s a beautiful Island located in  the Tyrrhenian Sea off The Sorrentine Peninsula , on the south side of the bay of Naples . Naples is the closet airport and then you take a Ferry over to Capri .


It offers breathtaking views from everywhere on the island


There are also lots of great places to explore. Capri doesn’t have any sandy beaches so you take a dip off rather fabulous and dramatic rocky perches  . Some of the best spots are Fontelina  it looks like something straight out of a Slim Aarons photograph . Or Faro pictured below which is great as it  has both a private and a public section so you have the option.


I also love Il Ricio another great spot for sunbathing and lunch  .For it’s temptation room which is basically a room dedicated to lots and lots of delicious deserts

Eating  is a huge part of Italy so it’s time to commit carbicide my friends . In fact it’s quite rude not to eat pasta when you’re in the home of the best pasta in the world . My top choices for restaurants are Da Paolina where you sit under lemon trees and eat the best Vongole in your life .It’s a perfect place to go if you’re celebrating a special occasion it’s somewhere you won’t forget quickly . I also love Pizza Aurora where everything is good on the menu and it’s great people watching . Michaelangelo  is another favorite the list is really endless .Below is my pasta at Paolina .

As well as eating there is also drinking and a bellini on the terrace of the Quisi hotel is a must .It has that real old school charm .It feels like something out of Plein Soleil or The Talented Mr Ripley .

Explore all the Island has to offer you can visit the Blue Grotto  which is a magical grotto only accessible in a tiny rowing boat , once in there you see the electric blue water that illuminates the entire cave .


We did a day trip to Nerano to this delicious restaurant Maria Grazia  where peaches in white wine and seafood pasta are the specialty .IMG_0322Ciao for now !!



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