Detox before I Retox
Thursday, 21st July 2016

I went for breakfast with the lovely ladies of Sweaty Betty so it only seemed appropriate that we go somewhere vaguely healthy . Detox Kitchen is located in the west end of London on Mortimer street .It’s super clean and light with huge windows  and sparse design is the perfect place to spend hours drinking juice , eating energy balls and working from your laptop  .With a communal table you can go and sit on your own and detox in peace .

A much needed Detox is on order after a rather indulgent week in Greece where I may or may not have eaten quite a few packs of mini oreos . But that’s the perks of being on holiday .  For anyone that knows me , they know I have a very big sweet tooth .I can’t get through a day without a sugar fix .

So healthy eating is not something that comes totally naturally to me . I’m of the pop tart generation ( in every sense , I was a big Spice Girls fan too ) .

Breakfast is something i always struggle with . I am one of those people that need to eat it otherwise I feel faint and some of my more fierce critics have said i sometimes display a cranky disposition when not fed on time .

Mornings are not really my things I snooze my alarm at least 7 times before getting up . So the thought that i might actually get up and make myself some porridge , eggs or an acai bowl or protein pancakes is laughable .


I need an instant fix that can tide me over to lunch time . The Detox Kitchen has some beautiful and healthy ideas for breakfast . Avocado , mint and coriander on rye bread , Tomato cucumber and hummus on rye bread , finally my favorite cashew nut butter with banana on rye bread .


These are all super simple and easy to make at home .I had them there and will totally make these in future . Also how beautiful is the display with the edible flowers !




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