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Tuesday, 26th July 2016

Summer is great to try new beauty products .It’s that time of year where we actually want to nourish our skin and put it on show .Thought I would share a few of my favourite things that I use every day .



1.Top of my list is The Body Shops Banana shampoo . It’s a blast from the past .I used to love the body shop when I was a tweenager and i think it’s very much having a renaissance with its ethical and eco friendly well priced products . This shampoo gets your hair super clean and leaves it smelling edible . It’s like a smoothie for the hair . It’s 5 pounds for the shampoo and 5 pounds for the conditioner 250 ml bottle which should last you ages even if you do wash your hair everyday.

2. James Read Tan is the best color texture , smell and application for tan I have ever tried . You will not look tangoed with him . I recently had a spray tan with the man himself  which had zero streaks and a beautiful color .It also lasted for two weeks .I love his Rose water spritz with a little tan in .It’s perfect to top up color before or after  holiday or just before a party if you want to give yourself a little glow . Just spritz some of the hydrating rose mist and wait a few minutes before applying make up and you’re good to go . It’s super light so doesn’t clog your pores and has a light scent that’s more refreshing than tan smell .It’s also no stain and works gradually so you can build the tan up over a couple of days ( of hours depending how many times you spray yourself) .It’s 20 pounds for 100 ml bottle .I also like his rose gold packaging is really rather beautiful .

3. Aveda shakra spray .I pretty much use this all the time and everywhere body, hair , pillow , room.It’s totally delicious and a little bit hippy dippy .Go and smell the blends of essential oils and choose one perfect for you . Whether your seeking creativity , grounding , love , comfort or confidence they got you covered. Just an extra reason to love this product not only for its relaxing and sensual scents . It’s 30 pounds for 100ml bottle . My choice is Chakra 4 is the centre of sympathy ,empathy and love. It is  a blend to balance the Heart Chakra according to Aryuveda.The ancient healing art of India .With heady essences of sandalwood ,organic mandarin and palmarosa.

4. Bliss Body butter is a constant in my beauty cupboard . It’s just a really good body moisturizer that get’s the job done . No more dry elbows or knees with this and it gives the skin such a good quench that you only need to moisturize a couple of times a week . I love to mix up the smell of my body lotion now and again otherwise it just get’s boring .However I strongly dislike anything thats too perfumed and sweet .This light scent of grapefruit and aloe is lovely for summer .It smells fresh but not too overpowering .The combo of coconut oil and vitamin E really do butter you up . It’s 22 pounds for 200ml .This Tube can last me for months .

5. Forte organics cleanser .I suffer from very sensitive and dry skin and most cleansers dry me out totally .Forte organics a new range is amazing for skin similar the Almond cleansing milk is soo gentle it takes off all my makeup including my eyes and leaves me feeling clean but not dry or irritated like most do . The smell is super subtle but delicious with a slight almond/clean smell .

6.Legology – can’t bare the thought of a bare leg .Fear not Legology have you covered with a rich cream with a slight tint designed to contour your legs .Legology does for your legs what Kim K has inspired you to contour for your face . It leaves them glowing and with a light lemon scent no one will ever know you actually have pasty pins ! 36 pounds for 100 ml.

7.  Salt of the Earth  pure Aura Vanilla and Lavender deodorant spray . The only natural deodorant that actually works .It also smells really good with a light lavender scent .I love that it’s a spray more than the crystal stick you have to wet.It makes it much cleaner and easier 5.99 pounds .

8. The body shop you’ve got to hand it to them they make a very good hand and nail cream . Rich and decadent to keep your paws in tip top condition 5 pounds for 30 ml

9. Sarah Chapman overnight facial body treatment . Helps improve skins elasticity , tone and texture .Smells ridiculously good containing argan oil ,carmelia ,baobab vitimincs A,C and E . 49 pounds for 100 ml .It’s like an over night spa treatment facial for the whole body .





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